My dear Jo,

It sure has been a busy month.

We really welcomed spring after what we felt such a loooong winter. We spent more time outdoor and feeling so happy looking at all the flowers blooming. You are perfecting your cart wheel and always excited about playing soccer. Most people would complain if it rains, but you always say that the trees and flowers need the rain to grow. 

You had a picture day for your first performance in June. You were so happy about the idea of putting a make up on your face and wearing a fancy costume. The costume happens to be in purple, your current favorite color because you said pink is boring. 

We spent an afternoon at one of our favorite gardens where you got to meet and pat Rusty the sheep. It was a lovely afternoon seeing how lively you were playing and running.

We went to visit a comic book store. You were both excited and scared. I had so much fun scaring you away (LOL. I am such a mean mom!)

You performed the Charlotte's Web show at school. You remembered (and still remember) all the songs and lines. I've never heard you practicing those lines and songs at home and I asked why. You said that you wanted it to be a surprise. Well, you surprised me very well! My heart melted and my eyes were teary watching you singing out loud and always giving your best. It seems you've found your love in art through this form. The excitement continued days after that. You taught us the lines and made us say them. You said that I did good and papa needed to practice on his expression. :)

Then came the nasty stomach virus. It broke my heart to see you spending most of your time sleeping. It really struck me how too quiet and boring my life would be if I didn't have you. And I don’t like it. Not even a tiny bit. I felt like it was the longest time that you were sick, until on the fourth day you declared, "The old Jo is back!" 

We celebrated Mother's Day, had a brunch, shared the meal, and spent the afternoon at Old Westbury Garden.

Lately you are fascinated with different languages and places that exist in this world. You would open your dictionary and examine the world map closely. Your favorite new sentence this month is "Hello! Sprechen sie Deutsch?" and then you giggled hysterically.

The highlight of the month for you is when you got to meet your BFF. Both of you always walk hand in hand, hug each other, play and giggle and laugh, sit together at every meal call each other “sister at the same age”. Both of you cry when it’s time to go home and will say that you miss each other. I hope you continue to adore each other and be a good friend and sister to each other.

It's been a wonderful month (despite the stomach virus). We laughed a lot this month and I find myself staring at you more and more often, when you are doing homework, when you are eating, when you are sleeping, when you are reading. I want to live in the present, admiring you, recording small details about you as much as I can. I love you, peachy peach and you will forever be my always. 

Jars of stars and sands of love. 

Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art New York | Debbie Wibowo

It's been a wonderful journey this project with other talented photographers and mothers. The next in the circle is Julia Stotlar of Julia Stotlar Photography. Her daughter is just beautiful, her work is lovely, and I can't wait to read her letter. 

P.S. My apology for just posting iPhone shots for this post. 
Emma said...

Oh Debbie, your letters are always such a treat, both images and words. Dreamy, nostalic and real - I know how much your sweet girl will love reading them one day. You are such a sweet Mama and I adore that you're in our circle. <3

courtney said...

love your sweet words and dreamy images. perfect.

Kirsty said...

I love how you recount all the things, little and big, good and bad, happy and sad that happened during the month - a perfect series of reminders

shalonda said...

oh sweet i read your letters i always imagine that you must have been the same exact way as a little full of beauty and wonder and just plain ol joy. i love that you posted iphone pics this month what a beautiful choice as these images were favs of mine on IG but even more so on the blog...xoxo sweet friend

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