Dear Jo,

These last few months have not  been easy. We unexpectedly lost someone that was and still is very dear to us. 

I am keeping her memories alive and glad to know that you think she was special and that she loved you with all her heart.   

Your grandma made our house a home. Not only for us but also for others that have crossed path with her. For construction workers who found comfort in our front yard and used it as a rest area at night. For strangers who passed our house and knocked on our door to ask for a cup of water because it was too hot. For the garbage man who asked if he could have something for his lunch. It seems that our home is enlightened by her big heart.

Loosing her is very hard. My heart aches.

....but my sweet Jo, you are always there for me.

You wrapped your hands around me when I mourned and that hugs enlightened me. You held my hands when I couldn't brace myself seeing her for the last time. You wiped my tears when my heart aches from missing her. I said in tears, "I wish we could celebrate her birthday together." You said, "But grandma will be celebrating her birthday in Heaven, mommy. With Jesus!" I said, "I miss talking with grandma." You said, "You can still talk to her. She will hear you from above."

My little girl, you are my light. You are my strength.

I am deeply saddened by the fact that you don't get a chance to spend more time with your grandma or to get to know her better. But my heart feels so much lighter when I realized that you inherit your grandma's best qualities: her big heart, her compassion, her kindness.

I love you so much my little girl. I am so thankful that I have you. Thank you for being there for me.

Oceans of love,

Delight Fine Art Debbie Wibowo NY

Next in the circle is Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography. Not only she has a lovely photography style, she also has a beautiful heart. And I always love how she writes to her daughters. 
Kirsty said...

Debbie, sweet Jo is such a blessing to you at this time and I am so glad that through the tears and sadness of this month she has been there to hold your hand and give you hugs and help you see things to smile about again - thinking of you, with much love xxxx

shalonda said...

oh debbie...i knew your would be difficult for me to read this heart aches for you but the mommy in me is oh so proud of you for seeing the light knowing that YOUR LIGHT is shining bright, i know this because i know that Jo is reflecting it right back to you. beautifully written sweet friend

YONKS said...

Beautiful! I am sorry for your loss. Prayers coming your way.

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