Dear Jo,

You will be 8 in exactly three days and you declared that we are going to celebrate two holidays on that day. Thanksgiving and your birthday.  :)

When you received this one of a kind dress from CourtneyCourtney, you read it out loud, looked at me and asked, "Am I a book?"

Well, tell you what....if you were a book, I think you'd be a very, very interesting and thick book with many chapters.  I think it would be a mix of humor book, adventure, invention and many how to. 

Your interest in history and other parts of the world will add the adventurous flare to the book. 

Your goofiness will send giggles. And being able to make someone laugh is a very good thing. 

The way you help your friends at school with their work and how you lead the group work can easily fall under a leadership chapter.  

Your ideas, such as creating an app that will take customers' orders when sitting in a restaurant and send the order directly to the kitchen, so we don't have to wait for the waiter to come to take our order, and the waiter doesn't have to run around, but we still need a waiter to bring the food from the kitchen, falls perfectly under the Innovation & Invention chapter. 

Thinking so hard and so long about the type of food you would like to have on your birthday because you want to share it with Ms. N, but you like spicy food and Ms. N can't eat spicy food will be a chapter about being sensitive to others' needs. 

There are still many things that you want to work on. Like feeling more comfortable sharing your ideas with a larger group, or perfecting your split. But to me, if you were a book, you will be one of the greatest story ever told! 

I enjoy watching your transformation. You are trying to find where you fit in but still stay true to yourself.  

Happy, happy birthday my sweet baby. I am wishing you a life rich in experience, love and true friends.  

I love you to the moon and back, and a gazillion times more. 

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It's an honor that this month I am linking to Emma Wood of Emma Wood Photography. Her daughters are beautiful and her work with light is just amazing. Join me to read her letter this month.  
Emma said...

OH I love this so much, her sweet soul and energy for life is inspiriting. How blessed you are to have each other, and how happy I am to have got to know you both through your amazing letters ♥

Kirsty said...

She is so precious - I love how you celebrated each and all of her personality traits and how they are what makes her so special - Happy Birthday sweet Miss J xxxx

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