What does being 8 mean?

The clothes that are too short or too small. 

Going to school with neatly combed hair. Coming home with completely messy hair and totally feeling OK about it.

On the contrary, being more aware about your own body parts. Testing your muscle arms and abs, and checking out yourself in the mirror. 

Being completely silly and just enjoying the moment. Laughing so hard until you snort or get a hiccup, and blaming me for making you laugh so hard. 

Enjoying the change, being aware of it, but not making a drama about it. The front teeth are still missing after 5 months? Big deal. 

Learning about cause and effect, and being responsible for your own actions. And I love how you always spell them out. 

Figuring out where your place is in a larger social setting. 

I can see how you are becoming more aware about yourself and other people's need. You are becoming more aware about the consequences of your certain actions.  But I can still see your innocence. In your ignorance about your messy hair, the missing teeth, the dirty face, the uneven socks. I can definitely still sense your dependence, when you hold my hand or wrap your hand around me when we walk, when you ask me to hug you until you fall asleep, when you rest your head on my shoulder. 

Happy 8th birthday, my little. Take the time you need to grow. You are certainly my greatest story ever told.

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DelightFineArt NYC Photographer
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