Four months after my mom passed away, we had a visitor coming to our home.

It was a pretty, little butterfly.  But we think it's not just a regular butterfly.  It perched on a towel hung outside of the bathroom when dad's care taker gave bath to dad.

After the afternoon bath, she wheeled him outside for a fresh air and they sat at the house's terrace. The little butterfly followed and fluttered around in the garden until it was time for him to go inside.

The butterfly perched on the cupboard in the living room and waited patiently until dad finished his dinner. After he finished his meal, it fluttered over his head and finally perched on dad's lips as if giving him a kiss.

Was it just a coincidence? I don't know. I am not sure.

Days and weeks and months after mom passed away, I asked her how is she doing.  Is she OK?  Is she happy?  A butterfly flew into our house and from what I know, a butterfly represents the resurrection into a glorious new life free of material restrictions.

So, we'd like to think that the butterfly was mom, visiting dad...making sure he's fine. To tell him and to tell us that he is not alone and that she is watching over him.  And that she is OK.

Stroke took my dad's ability to speak. But his feeling is intact and we can see how he misses mom. Throughout this trial that we've been facing, her unwavering love for dad and us never failed. Their love was strong and is strong, and it weaved a strong family bond that helps us go through the thick and thin.

Happy 40th anniversary.  We will always celebrate your love.
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