Dear my little, 

Phew! This has been a busy month and there were days when I had to come home very late at night. And those days are not my favorite because it means I have less time to spend with you. 

I am very happy that we moved your gym class to Thursday so that I can have you for the whole Saturday. I always look forward to spending a time with you. The truth is, your laughter is something that I am addicted to and that I love to make you laugh until you get hick-ups. (Ha!) And the way you slip your arm around my arm when we walk together brings back sweet memories of how I used to walk with Oma. 

You are always on the move. "Can I do jump rope 5 minutes after my dinner?" "Let's race, mommy!" 
You are passionate about learning. "Can I do iReady?" "I did 10 lessons today." 
You are full of ideas. "This sun glasses can send pictures to your glasses and you can see the map of Australia." 
You say random things spontaneously. "Today is 'wearing a new backpack' day but it's not a public holiday because not everyone is wearing a new backpack today." 
You are honest. "Your tummy looks big, mommy." (Phfft!!) 

You are a life full of energy, passion and fun things. And you are also full of love. The arms that encircle my waist or my neck. The little lips that plant kisses on my cheeks. You make me feel I am important. You make me feel that I am deeply loved. When days are rough, I look at your happy face and it reminds me that all the things that I have to go through and all the things that I have to set aside are worthwhile. 

Because you are happy. And that really matters to me. 

I knew I loved you before I met you. 
  Delight Fine Art, NYC Photographer

This month I am linking to Wendy Laurel of Wendy Laurel Photography. Her film work is to droll for!
shalonda said...

hahaha new backpack day hahaha that really made me giggle...oh Debbie I love this letter i hear so much of your voice, your happiness your memories of your mom...isn't it amazing when life gives us such a sweet addiction, oh the little girl laughs, the hint of her shampoo when you braid her hair, their voices at every age ha...being a mom is pretty much the most amazing thing in the world isn't it?! i just love your words to her sweet friend so full of love

Kirsty said...

I love all your little observations - the things that make her her :D the things that make you love her in the way you do - the things that make her love you back - and that's what shines through it all - it's all about love

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