Last Friday, we decided to try a new coffee shop in Brooklyn. We fell in love with pictures posted on the Internet about Urban Vintage. We checked the transit app and learned that it would take close to two hours to get there from where we live. Oh, what the heck. That's kinda the fun of it, right?

So off we went. Taking the Q16 bus, 7 train, E train, and C train. Continued with 15 minutes walk from the subway stop.

It was Friday and we arrived at 1:30 pm, and the place was still packed with people eating lunch. Food was OK. Nothing special. But the place is just lovely. I didn't get any pictures of the interior because I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures when a place is crowded. Besides, I'd rather sit and chat with Jo. She decided to try my cappuccino, had fun making fake mustache with the foam, but didn't really like the cappuccino itself (which is a good thing so I got to keep it for myself).

We then scouring the neighborhood and plan on visiting another new neighborhood next week. Fun!

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