I am posting late this month because bla...bla...bla...(because I'm always making excuses. Ha!) And I am flying solo this month.  :(  Hopefully all those talented ladies will be back next month.

OK, here we go.

My dearest, dearest, Jo...

This month has been busy! Starting a new school, adjusting to a new environment and new teachers, making new friends, learning new stuff. But also doing things outside of school that interest you. Skateboarding is one. And cooking is another one.

I saw you with your head down the other day, staring at the Nook, browsing through recipe channels on Youtube! :D  You really, really wanted to make sushi and you made this clear since 2 weeks ago. So off we went to a Japanese grocery to buy the items we needed and you kept giggling because you were so happy.

So, finally...we made the sushi. Our first attempt of shrimp tempura sushi. You did it all by yourself (well, OK...I helped with frying the shrimp and cutting the cucumber into tiny slices). And, if only we didn't eat the nori, we could have made 4 rolls. :D

I couldn't help but smile ear to ear when at the end you said, "Oh, I'm so happy. This is the best lunch ever! What shall we make next week, mommy?"

Perhaps you forgot that cooking isn't my thing. But, my dear...thank you for always pushing me to learn something new. I love you for that and for so many more reasons.

Oceans of love,

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