My dear Jo,

One month away and you'll be nine. 

I am proud of what you've accomplished so far and eagerly watching to see what you'll become. 

You certainly have your own opinion and are starting to voice it in decisions that you make. You picked trumpet over flute and clarinet, because, "So many other students chose flute and clarinet. I want to pick something different."

When we went to middle school open houses (yep, I like to plan early!), you certainly know what you are looking for in those schools. Eagerly opening the folders, reading the brochures, marking your schools of choices and even ranking them. 

I asked you when you would like to have lunch and instead of giving  me an answer, you said, "Why am I always the one who get to pick? Why don't you pick this time? What do you really want to eat today?" I was quite taken aback, but then I smiled. I am glad that you are learning how to push back. 

Do know, that wherever you go, whatever you do, my love and prayers will always accompany you. 

Love you from the bottom of the ground to the galaxy and beyond.

EriKa Napoletano said...

A very good work. Best regards from Italy

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