Dear my sunshine,

I was so happy that you wanted  your own blog. I supported you all the way!

Please always remember to write from the heart. Write the topics that interest you, in your own words, in your own way. Because I think, beautiful art works are those who are born from inner self.

Don't get easily discourage if people don't show their support publicly. Write because you want to write, because you want to share, not because you are looking for an acknowledgement of what you're doing.

Be open to positive critique and don't be afraid to listen to constructive feedback. Take them in and use them as a guidance to get better, without loosing yourself in the process.

I'm so proud of you, my little girl. You are at a stage where you try different things to see which one you'll love. You'll stick to some, and loose interest in some....and that's completely one. Just know that I'll behind you, to support you and to be with you in your journey. Always.

Oceans of love,

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Delight Fine Art_Debbie Wibowo
Delight Fine Art_Debbie Wibowo_2
Delight Fine Art Debbie Wibowo
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Delight Fine Art Debbie Wibowo
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