I haven't posted for a while, especially for Letters to Our Daughters series. The beautiful thing is that Jo loves to read the letters and she's been nagging me with the fact that she hasn't seen or read any letters in the last few months. Eek!

So, I'm catching up.

Dear my little peanut,

Happy 9th birthday! I was planning on complaining about how fast you grow and all that, but there's no point, right? You are growing and that's the fact. So, I packed away your stockings that no longer fit, the skirts that now too short, but keep the full length legging because now you can wear them as Capri. Ha!

Since the last nine years, I've been trying to get really to know you. More than just what you like to eat, what you like to play, your favorite colors, or your favorite music. I try to really get to know you through our conversations. I listen to the words you use and say. I listen to your opinions and how you view things. I ask questions to understand your thought process and where you come from. It's been truly a beautiful journey and I'm in awe.

I found a little girl with a big heart, who is confident with herself and her ability. I found a little girl who is pure and innocence, but also sensitive to others' needs and feelings. I found a little girl who has dreams, who set goals and hold herself accountable for them. I found a little girl who is funny, but very articulate in sharing her thoughts and ideas.

You are my perfect girl. Happy birthday, my little muffin. As your mother, I hope for the best for you and will continue to support you.

Jars of stars and oceans of love,

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