I've been a fan of CourtneyCourtney one of a kind dresses and she also loves every one of them.

She calls this The Precipitation dress :) and that day, we decided to spent an afternoon at the Queens Botanical Garden. There were many cherry trees at the back of the garden, but there were only two small cherry trees that still had the blooms and of course every one would like to take pictures under the trees. :D

The daffodils were in full blooms, though.

Then she noticed a withered tulip laying on the ground during our walk in a garden. She picked it up. The stem was limp and the petals almost fell of from the stem. She asked, "How can we save this?" I tucked it in my jacket and insert it in a bottle full of water when we reached home. We checked it back an hour later. The stem was steady and the petals all perked up like it was just about to bloom. It lasted for 5 days!
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