Summer Friday at the office started last week. YES! And I actually had a plan! *smirk*

I took her to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and it was a day well spent together. She with the real map and I with the family map (and I still got lost), we explored almost all parts of the museum. She took on the Percy Jackson challenge and was actually good at it. She read the map, led the way, ventured the museum, and found all items listed in the challenge sheet.

We sat at the rooftop of the museum to enjoy some sun and lunch. We mistakenly thought an art installation as a construction. :(

We ended the day with tired legs, but happy hearts. And we also picked up some ice cream on our way home!

I took pics at the museum with my phone and still too lazy to transfer them to my computer. So these are pics that I took when we got home just before sunset.

Delight by Debbie Wibowo_5
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_34
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_6
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_8
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_3
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_7
Delight by Debbie Wibowo_2
Delight by Debbie Wibowo
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