Little boss, who's becoming a foodie (and wants to be a food critic) wanted to try a French restaurant.

We didn't feel like going to Manhattan and were just looking for a little, quiet restaurant where we can enjoy the food and didn't have to spend 1.5 hours in subway.

After reading reviews, we decided to pay Bliss 46 Bistro in Sunnyside a visit. The location is convenient because it's close to the subway stationThe restaurant is petite, as the French would say but we love it, because it offers a friendly atmosphere and the food is bold and flavorful!

Little boss browsed the menu and decided to go with Cog Au Vin. I went ahead with a salad and a wild mushroom ravioli.

They served us some bread soon after we placed our order. Little boss was starving and immediately chowed down the bread. We had to wait for about 20 minutes for our food, which I think is fine but since Little boss was starving, she grew a little impatient. Licking bread crumbs from her plate and put on a long face. :)

The food came. The Coq Au Vin was amazing. It came with three pieces of chicken with an abundant, delish mashed potato. The sauce was thick and creamy. The ravioli was also delicious (although I wished the serving portion is bigger!)

Then we ordered profitlores for dessert and it was great too. Little boss is really a good eater and she finished her meal and the dessert! We then spent sometime exploring the neighborhood and went home with happy tummy.

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Choq au vain
Wild Mushroom Ravioli
Dessert 2
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