My little had a sleep over, so I had one day all for myself. "Hmmm....," I said. I definitely knew that I didn't want to fold the laundry, nor cleaning up the house, nor preparing meals for the next day, nor doing any other house chores. It was my day. I wanted to be selfish. So I ended up going to Trader Joe's and grabbed these mini gerbera. Got home longer that it would usually take (Sunday schedule! Meh!) and quickly turned the (already small) living room into (a much smaller) studio. I usually shoot bright, pastely tone pictures when it comes to shooting flowers, but I decided that I want a little moody flower photography. It was cloudy, so it helped! :) Debbie Wibowo_7
Debbie Wibowo_6
Debbie Wibowo_8
Debbie Wibowo_5
Debbie Wibowo_3
Debbie Wibowo_1
.You are a whole lot of lovely.
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