Dear my dumpling, Summer means going back home. It means meeting friends and families. It means tending Oma Yuli's garden. It means excitement, glorious food, but also humidity and mosquitoes. :)

It always warms my heart seeing the bond you have with our friends and families. The little things that you probably don't realize but mean so much...when you walk and always hold Opa Iwan's hand. When you land kisses on Opa Win's cheek. When you hug Tante Fara. When you hug your friends. When you ask if you can call Oma Feli because you just want to chat.

This is a very short letter, but I do hope these pictures will be a beautiful reminder of what you have - friends, families, love that surround you.

May the beautiful bond and connection that you have with your friends and families will only continue to grow stronger and that you will always find beauty, warmth, love, sincerity, helpful hands wherever you land your feet on.

xoxo Bunda

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