My trip to Zambia was cancelled. Bummer! But in return, I got to spend a Sunday with my dumpling.

She spotted a restaurant called IndiKitch during her class trip to Union Square Farmers' Market and said she would love to try it out. Count me in if it's about food!

So, we started our Sunday with a subway trip to 23rd Street and spotted this artist installment at the Flatiron building. Almost all New York landmarks and famous buildings are there, made out of paper. Very impressive, I must say!

Then off to IndiKitch we went, and actually spotted Eataly on our way there. We decided to take a peek. Spotted fresh fruits (lots of varieties of apples!), browsed the flower and kitchen sections. Little dumpling, of course, was attracted to cook books.

We continued our journey to IndiKitch (which is just next door to Eataly). It's actually the Indian version of Chipotle. She ordered the pull pork biryani and I ordered spicy fish salad. Both are delicious, and we left the restaurant feeling full and happy.

Next stop is the Lego Store. We spent most of our time building Lego mini figures and little dumpling said I should take portrait pictures of each mini figures. Oh, and a group picture too.

Then, we continued our exploration to Broadway because she wanted to see Flying Tiger. It's a little higher end version of a 99 cent store. But we spotted Whisk on our way there and I told little dumpling that we should check it out (because I know she would love it). And....I was right. Her eyes lit up when we moved into the baking section. She spotted chocolate powder, various tiny tins, cookie cutters, sprinkles, a good variety of sugar, a shelf of cook books! She was ecstatic!

We decided to indulge ourselves with huge doughnuts from Dough. We were thinking to take a seat, order some doughnuts, and order a choco or coffee, but it was a full house. So we decided to just hit the playground and had the doughnut at the nearby park (which was nicer by the way), where she also wrote down her review of the places we visited today. We then spent few more minutes strolling Union Square so that little dumpling could pretend to do a live report on her surrounding. It was a very fun day!

Click here to read little dumpling's review on the places we visited today.

Jocy Widjaja said...

I had a lot of fun! Can't wait for next trip exploring new neighborhoods! :)

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