My dear, dear dumpling...

The first two digit birthday is here!

Deeply, I am very thankful that I can provide you with what you need to date. I am thankful that I was able to throw a very modest birthday party with people who matter to us. I am thankful that I could see your radiant face. I went to bed tired, but with a full, happy heart.

Congratulations on everything you've accomplished and on so many things you've learned so far.

I think one of the biggest learning curves is taking a constructive feedback. Your beautiful heart is so pure that you thought it was a criticism against your trait. But trust me, your teachers gave you feedback because they actually believe in you and know you could go very far. They gave you feedback because they care. And I really hope, you'll continue to meet people who believe in you, who would invest in you, and care about you.

The past one year was also a year of exploration for you. You tried several skills and found what you're very passionate about. Dancing and baking. You even said that you'd like to study in Paris to become a chef...and that I could come and live with you so while you're working, I can stroll and shop at flea markets! I would definitely love that!

Little dumpling, as you continue to grow, I feel that it's not only you who continue to learn. I do too. I learn to give you more authority. I learn that you're capable of making a decision for yourself and to trust you on your decision. I am proud that you browsed the middle school book and took into considerations many factors that interest you. We accompanied you to open houses but in the end let you decide your first three top choice of school. May you continue to get help and guidance when you need them

It's been an incredible journey. And I am really proud of what you've become.

I am thankful for your health, for your big and joyful heart, for your old soul. I am thankful for you.

Happy, happy birthday my little dumpling. May your journey and life continue to be filled with love, happiness, health, joy, wisdom, strengths, and hope. Remember to always dream big and aim higher.


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