My pickle,

Spring break always makes me feel guilty. The time when your friends would have a family vacation or a family trip, we usually do stay-cation. 

This year is no difference. To make it worse, I was feeling crappy 85% of the time. 

It was not 100% sucks because we did things. We baked, we cooked, we watched a movie, we binged watch Netflix, we cuddled, we played, we exercised together, we took an afternoon walk, we ate out...but I felt that I was not giving you the flamboyant, hip-hip-hooray Spring break kinda thing. 

So last night I spilled it out to you. I apologized for a crappy Spring break you had. 

Your answer stopped me in my track, "But why? I got to spend time with you!"

Then it hit me. That sometimes (or a lot of times...), the most beautiful things are the simplest spending time with the person you love most. It's not about a trip to Hawaii, or a water park (although I'm sure you'd love those too), but it's about togetherness. Time spent together. Being present with your loved ones. It's about a family. 

I will sure miss you when you're back to school, pickle. The last two weeks haven't been my best week and I am sick worried about what's going to happen in the weeks to come. But one thing I sure did enjoy...picking you up from school and spending more time with you. 


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