Our first girls' only trip and we were beyond excited!

For our first trip, we picked Yogyakarta. Our parents often took a road trip to visit our grandparents during long school holiday and Yogyakarta was often on the list of cities we stopped by.

I always love Yogyakarta and will always love this city. It is rich in culture and history and it is the home to talented artists and glorious.

We flew from Jakarta and Jo couldn't contain her excitement, so we calmed her down with a large cup of iced lemon tea. We arrived a little after noon, had lunch, and immediately headed to our Taman Sari.

We started our tour through an underwater tunnel that led us to Sumur Gumuling, an underground mosque with magical light and architecture details that would serve as a beautiful location for photographers. The center of Sumur Gumuling is an elevated platform where four staircases, which represent the four directions of North, East, South, West meets.

From Sumur Gumuling, our tour guide, Bapak Budi guided us through Kampung Taman, a housing complex where abdi dalem and their families reside. Many of them create and sell batik and painting crafts to earn extra income. And we finally stood outside of Taman Sari garden. But it was around 4:30 pm and the garden was closed for the day, so we couldn't go inside. Bummer!

Taman Sari is a site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Built in mid 18th century, Taman Sari had was a place for the Sultans (Kings) to rest, meditate, and to accommodate their concubines.

We ended our first day by taking becak to Malioboro and enjoyed gudeg for dinner.

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