My bitterballen,

You have been working so hard these past few months. Adjusting to new schedules and activities, practicing new dance techniques and moves and adding more hours to your study time.

I look at your face every morning while you are sleeping peacefully and I really do not have the heart to wake you up. I have been pondering if we made the right decision this year.

But I see the radiance in your face, the sparkle in your eyes, and the excitement in your voice when you are going to school.

You are happy. And that is very important to me.

At the student-led conference, I watched and listened to you giving a presentation about your progress. I know it was gut wrenching, but you tried your best and did well!

And I want to apologize. I feel like I am always correcting you and that I am doing it in a way that is probably demotivating you. Please do know that it is never my intention at all. I give you feedback because  I want you to continue to improve, to continue learning new skills, and eventually to succeed. 

My dear bitterballen...I love you very much and I really want the best for you. I hope you grow into a strong, happy, independent, resilient, beautiful woman who stays true to yourself and believe that you are able to accomplish great things. 

There are times when you will experience a setback. It is going to hurt. But that is fine. Learn the lesson, mourn if you must, rest if you are tired. But never give up. 

I believe in you. I believe in what you will soar. I believe you will accomplish great things.

I love you. Always. 

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