Dear potato,

One day, when you doubt yourself, I hope you remember this month.

Remember all the doubt and fear you had when you first entered 5th grade.

Then...remember what you did to encounter those. You worked hard. You were being yourself. You were honest. You were kind. You were being helpful.

And look at what you had accomplished at the end of the school year.

Remember when I cried with so much pride and happiness (also a bit of sadness because I remembered oma) when you performed the Wizard of Oz at school.

Remember when you proudly announced that Mrs. Keegan and Ms. Rantinella selected you as the representative of your class to deliver a graduation speech.

Remember when your face were beaming with pride when I picked you up from school and you said you had a great day. (out of the two students from the entire 5th grade) received the Principal Award!

Those things didn't come easy. And I know you worked hard throughout the year.

So, when things seem impossible, remember those days, those moments...when you conquered your fear, when you erased your doubts. Because, my dear potato...everything is possible. It all depends on us to make it happens.

I am extremely proud of you!

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