My kimchi,

February felt weird.

After spending almost the whole month of January waking up at 5:30 am every Saturday and hopping from one admission test to another, we spent February at a much quieter pace.

We stayed home during a snow storm. We woke up late on weekends, stayed in our pajamas, made brunch, baked, and stuffed our mouth with those delicacies while getting our eyes red in front of TV.

It was pretty quiet, but I, for sure, was pretty anxious too. Because of two of the test results would come out (BSGE and The Anderson).

And you made it! To the next round!

I believe you realized that things started to get real for you this year. And what I meant by that is that participating in these admission tests, you learned about what it is like to compete, to stay focus, to keep motivating yourself, and to manage your time.

But also, you learned about the sweet and sour taste of life - when you made it and when you had to try harder.

What I am most proud of is that how dealt with all these. I know for certain that all these processes were emotionally and physically overwhelming, but you faced them with so much calmness, determination, and focus.

Yes, you struggled about getting up at 5:30 AM and dragged yourself to get out of bed. But nothing more! You even offered comforting words to your friends.

I offered that you did not have to take the admission test for a leadership program, but you said you would like to try. I admire you for continuing to challenge yourself and setting a high standard for yourself.

You thank me. I don't know what for. Because the truth is, you do all this by yourself. It's all you!

To the next round!

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