Dear popsicle,

April is tiring. Don't you think?

The weather is bleak. Most of the days, it is raining.

You are tired. I am tired.

Earlier this month, the Anderson school informed us that you were on their waiting list. You seemed OK when you learned the news. I will not forget the day when we were laughing hysterically, and within seconds, your laughter turned into tears.

Waiting is not fun. Add waiting for school acceptance news to the equation. You said that most of your friends already knew which schools they are going to next year. But you were still waiting. You felt that you were the only one who was still waiting. The uncertainty is overwhelming. My heart broke. I understand how you felt, but at that time, I lost for words.

I can only say that you should be proud of yourself, of how far you have developed, of all the hard work you have put into each task, of all the persistence in finishing a task in a complete and perfect state, and how much you have achieved.
  • Valedictorian speech. Enough said!
  • The Coke project. You and Almer won the first place for this project! You navigated this complicated project in such grace. You worked well with your partner, dividing and conquering each intricate task. You did a detailed calculation of the profit, packaging volume, and waste cost. You created a mock-up of the new packaging, put together a presentation, and practiced hard. Betty shared with me that you earned respect from your classmates and that they agreed that you should earn the first place. 
  • The first camping trip with Global Kids. They only accepted six students and you really wanted to go. So, you wrote an essay as part of the application process. Then a few weeks later, you handed me a thick envelope that started with a congratulatory letter. You came back from the trip tired, hungry, and sleepy. But we both knew that you learned new skills and gained new experience. Now, you have another story to add to your collection.
  • Sharing your voice. Shortly after we learned that you were on the Anderson School's waiting list, we discussed what we should do. Should we wait? Should we nag them? And you decided to write an email to show your continued interest. My dumpling, I can not guarantee that they will immediately accept you after they read this letter. But what I can guarantee is that they now know that you are a dedicated, committed, and a wonderfully wonderful person. 
  • Attended the Model UN conference, where you mingled with other students whom you had never met before and stepped out of your comfort zone by sharing your opinion and ideas. 
  • Participated in various admission tests. This required continuous focus, determination, hard work, persistence, and high stamina. All of which you possess. 
I am not sharing this to say that you are so awesome so that the world owes you a living. I am saying this as a reminder that when you put your focus and effort on things you would like to accomplish, you can do it.

You are the dimple to my freckle and I love you tons.

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